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There surely are a huge number of action-packed and strategy games present in the market, but none of them has the same capabilities as fortnite. This surely is one of the best games that you will ever get to play.

There are various features offered by the game for the players to make it more interesting as well as attractive. You can easily complete various challenges and prove your gaming worth. One of the main problems that the players face while playing the game is how to get free v bucks.

V bucks are the currency of the game that is used to make all of the in-game purchases and to buy the resources that you might need in the battlefield. No matter what players always find themselves short of V bucks.

Top 10 Ways To Get Free V Bucks in Fortnite Game

If you are struggling from the same problem, need not to worry as we have got the solution for you. In this article, we have mentioned some of the legit methods that will easily help you to earn the V bucks without having to spend any money.

Take advantage of the daily log in system

It is quite known that most of the online games nowadays offer you the facility of rewards if you log in to your game account on a daily basis. Such rewards are also offered to the players of fortnite in the form of free v bucks. The players are provided with the in-game resources as well as the game currency if they are able to visit their game account regularly.

Some of the awards provided to the players of fortnite are free skins, accessories for the character or a bunch of the currency that is used in the game. Make sure that you do not use the free v bucks generator.

These generators are not a legit method to earn the currency and can easily get you banned from the game. The daily login system in the game is a legit method and players are offered with unique rewards every time. That is why we suggest you use this method in order to get the free v bucks regularly without any kind of problem.

Go for the storm shield missions

This method can easily get you with approximately fifty bucks daily. All you need to do is complete these missions in order to avail the price. For all the people asking how to get free v bucks, this surely is the finest method they can follow.

You need to complete one mission in a day, and if you are able to complete that mission, you will surely be provided with the reward. In case you do not have any of the missions left for you to complete, you can ask your friend’s permission to complete their mission in order to get free fortnite v bucks.

This way you will still be able to win prizes in the game. Make sure to keep in mind that the friend you are asking the mission for will not get any kind of benefit from the mission you have completed.

The game has the policy of only giving free v bucks to the users who have earned it. That is why only you will be provided with rewards. You can also easily expand the storm shield in the game. This can be done by defending your missions or simply using the amplification methods for ease.

Play the daily quests

Just like the daily log in the system the game also provides you with some kind of daily quests that you can complete in order to get free v bucks. There are new missions available for the player regularly that you can complete in order to avail the rewards and a huge number of some of the exciting in-game resources.

You can complete up to three quests in a day and will be awarded fifty bucks for any quest that you complete. This way you can easily win up to one hundred and fifty bucks in a day.

This method surely is better than any free v bucks generator. In case you find any of the quests to be too hard to be completed you can replace it with a newer and easier one. Keep in mind that there is no fixed time limit in which you need to complete the quests.

You can complete it any time during the whole day. Make sure to use this method wisely in order to get some free v bucks no verification without any problem.

Level up your collection book regularly

In the game fortnite, you are provided with a collection book of yours, and it contains the rare items that are found in the game. You need to collect those items and add them into your collection book. This way you will easily be able to win some free v bucks.

Make sure to take full use of this facility that is offered to you by the game. There are a huge number of different kind of elements that are to be found and added to your own collection book.

Leveling up your collection book on a regular basis will provide you with a huge number of in-game resources, and this is the kind of chance that should not be missed. This is one of the most amazing methods that you can use in order to get free v bucks no human verification.

In total there are about three hundred and fifty different levels that you can level up to in the game. Users can get maximum rewards and free bucks even with minimum XP requirement. You need to use it to your benefit in order to get some free v bucks.

Take part in the in-game events

Events in this game are quite similar to the quests that we have. These are also meant to offer you some extra rewards and game resources without any extra cost charged. All you have to do is to participate in these events and win that’s all. These events hold the main purpose to provide free v bucks no survey to the players as they compete against their enemies and opponents. There are always a huge number of live events going on in the game at any point in time, and you can participate in any of those according to your choice and will.

You can easily take part in any of the live events in order to earn some free v bucks for free. The price of the events goes up to eight hundred bucks that surely is a huge amount to be earned in one go. Make sure to only use the official website of the game in order to take part in the live events to get free v bucks. No other website offers you this facility that is why you need to stay away from those and must only follow the official platform to get any such kind of information.

Complete the major story quests

There are a huge number of story quests available in the game that you can complete in order to get some free v bucks. We often fail to identify the importance and need of the story quests and end up ignoring them for no reason. But now as you know, these are able to provide you some extra benefits in the game.

There is no use ignoring any of these quests, and you must complete it earn the rewards. You need to keep in mind to stay away from any of the free v bucks generator in order to avail the extra currency. These generators are nothing but a scam and will surely provide you no benefit. The use of story quests in the game is one of the best and most actionable ways to get free v bucks.

Buy the season battle pass

It is known that getting the season battle pass can easily provide you with a lot of benefits. It will also unlock a huge number of benefits for you. Unlocking the season battle pass is a great way to how to get free v bucks. This method is highly used as well as suggested as it is meant to offer you dual benefits, that include providing you the higher season battle rank along with a huge number of other benefits that await you. We surely need the v bucks in the game if you want to get any of the items in the game.

Buying the pass will not only provide you with some extra currency but will also help you to get the extra in-game resources that too at a very reasonable price. You will get the rewards and resources worth the money that you are spending on it.

Do not forget about the side quests

The side quests are one of the most ignored methods in order to get the free v bucks. But not anymore you need to pay more attention towards these side quests and take full use of it in order to get some profit in the game. These surely can prove to be an extremely profitable source for you in the game of fortnite.

The combination of the side quests along with the regular events that are held in the game can offer you a huge number of advantages for sure. These are the best way by which you can easily earn free fortnite v bucks.

Get discounted deals on V bucks purchases

Some of the users might find this point to be completely useless as we were talking about getting free v bucks, but with this method, we will have to pay money in exchange for the currency. But if you think logically and put some technical knowledge in this concept, you will get to know that this surely is a useful deal. Unlike the free v bucks generator, it is a legit method and will provide you complete worth of the money that you will invest.

There are special offers provided for the buyers on a regular basis, and you can choose any of the valuable deals from all the available options. In case you are a regular buyer for free v bucks no verification, you will have an idea b about what is being discussed. Also, make festive offers are introduced by fortnite to provide you better deals as well as opportunities to buy the free v bucks easily.

Do not use the Free V Bucks Generators

People are often found to be using the various available generators and tools in order to get v bucks. But you need to understand that this is not the right method to be taken in use. The generators are only meant to fool you and are nothing more than just a scam.

free v bucks generator

That is why you are advised to stay away from these and only follow the legit methods to get free v bucks. The game developers if find out any of the player using the generators they can ban you from playing fortnite any further. This surely is not something that you want to happen to you.


In this article, we have offered you the complete knowledge about the free v bucks no human verification and how you can easily gain it with the help of legit methods. Make sure to use these steps wisely in your favor and get the currency easily whenever required. Also, it is very important for you to learn the basics as well as acquire the required skill set for the game.

This is the only way by which you can perform well and easily earn the free v bucks with the help of the methods mentioned in this article. It is sure that there surely is no other game better than Fortnite when it comes to this genre we are talking about. It offers you a lot of opportunities to prove your worth so what are you waiting for start playing and earn free v bucks no survey to get excellence in the game.